I am extremely humbled and honored to announce that Citizen Sensor won First Place in the annual Köln International Design Preis. In October, I had the opportunity to travel to Germany to accept the award, which was presented at a ceremony at the Museum of Applied Art in Köln. My hosts were extremely hospitable and I had a fantastic stay in this very old and beautiful city — I owe them much thanks. Prize money will go directly to further prototyping of DIY open source kits for public release.

Several of my prototypes were featured in an exhibition at the same Museum which ran for the month of October. A true honor, I hope to visit my new friends at the Köln International School for Design (KISD) again soon! Thank you: Andreas, Sebastian, Ines, Marijke, Pia, and of course Prof. Erlhoff, and Gol! See you again soon.

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